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Flight Offset

Flight Offset

Traveling by air accounts for around 860 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually . By purchasing U.S. Carbon Offsets, you can balance the unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions from your air travel by supporting innovative projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the United States at our most affordable price. These projects capture, destroy or reduce harmful greenhouse gases emitted from sources such as animal waste, landfills, fossil fuel use or refrigerants.

AIR TRAVEL OFFSET GUIDE: You should purchase 1 carbon offset for every 5000 miles you travel by air.

To calculate your miles, we recommend using the air miles calculator at (

One Carbon Offset represents the reduction of greenhouse gases equal to one metric ton (or 2,205 pounds) of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). Each BEF U.S. Carbon Offset is third-party verified to prove that real, additional, permanent, verifiable and enforceable emissions reductions have occurred. Your purchase, combined with that of other BEF partners, represents a significant funding source that helps ensure continued innovation and development of carbon reduction projects and technology.

Methodology - BEF uses an average between the short, medium and long haul coefficients established by Defra (Department of the Environment, Fisheries and Rural Affairs, London, England, UK). (
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