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Carbon Offset Thanksgiving Travel

Thanksgiving Auto Travel Offset

Taking a road trip over the mountains and through the woods this Thanksgiving? According to AAA you will be among an estimated 48.7 million drivers this season. While car makers are improving fuel efficiency and carbon emissions, you can take direct action to offset the impacts of your travel this Thanksgiving.

By purchasing our Thanksgiving Auto Travel Offset you can help minimize the impact your travel has on the environment. When you offset your carbon foot print, you support a wide range of innovative carbon reduction projects throughout the U.S.—at our most affordable price. U.S. Carbon Offsets represent projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the United States. These projects capture, destroy or reduce harmful greenhouse gases emitted from sources such as animal waste, landfills, fossil fuel use or refrigerants.

One Thanksgiving Auto Travel Offset balances up to 5,000 miles of auto travel and represents a reduction of greenhouse gases equivalent to three 3 metric tons (or 6,615 pounds) of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). Traveling further than 5,000 miles? Purchase multiple Auto Travel Offsets to cover additional miles.

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This product contains a blend of Carbon Offsets from our portfolio of carbon reduction projects

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